With the current IPv4 shortage, many ISP's are in need of additional IP addresses. While some can afford to purchase outright, that is not the case for smaller providers who require long term leases. We are one of the few North American providers who will allow you to use our IP address at your own data center via Letter of Authorization (L.O.A.). How Does My ISP Get a Letter of Authorization?
Sign IP
Lease Agreement
Receive Letter
of Authorization
Announce From
Your New Data Center
Select your IPv4 Lease Package
/24 (256 IPs) $256.00/Month
/23 (512 IPs) $512.00/Month
/22 (1024 IPs) $1024.00/Month
/21 (2048 IPs) $1840.00/Month
/20 (4096 IPs) $3275.00/Month
/19 (8192 IPs) $6100.00/Month

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